The Savage Blue Blog Tour: Author Q&A [+Giveaway]

We’re so excited to have the lovely Zoraida Córdova stop by the blog today on The Savage Blue blog tour! For our stop, Erin had the pleasure of doing a short Q&A with Zoraida. Ms. Córdova is also giving away 3 awesome mermish prize packs for those that buy The Savage Blue, so check that out after the Q&A. And here we go. . .

Erin: Are you a Plotter or a Pantser?
Zoraida: I used to be a big pantser. I would see the end of a story in my head and write towards that no matter what twists and turns happened to come up.

For book 2 and now book 3 I am definitely plotting. Ideas still spring up out of the blue,  but I try to make sure they make sense in the world I’m creating.

E: Do you listen to music while you write? If so, who?
Z: I have an eclectic mix of music. I love rock bands but sometimes I’ll throw on a Taylor Swift song if it feels right. Other times I write in silence.

E: Who is your favorite character to write? Why?
Z: I love writing all of them. I know that’s cheating! Tristan is fun because I feel like I can say anything through him.

Gwen is someone who is emotionally complicated, but she’s so snarky that I love writing her verbal fights with others.

I also love Marty McKay. Even though he’s a secondary character, he’s always sees the bright side of things.

E: What was your favorite scene to write, in either of your books? (If from TSB, and not too spoilery, could I get a snippet?)
Z: I love writing interactions between Layla and Tristan. Like this…

I grip the dusty golden hilt and pull it out. The quartz piece comes to a sharp point. A soft glow emanates from inside the crystal. It comes and goes like the strips of florescent bulbs in my old classrooms. Kurt says it could be because the three pieces are meant to work together, and when they’re apart, they’re erratic.

Layla hooks her thumbs on the back of her shorts. “Is it heavy?”

“Not really.” I hold it horizontally and press on its weight, like a too-thick branch I can’t snap. “It’s solid though.”

“Can I touch it?”

“No.” I hold it over my head and away from her. “Did you see what my dagger did to Gwen’s hands?”

“Fine, I’ll get my rock candy on a stick.”

I make like I’m going to throw it at her, a fake basketball pass and she flinches. “See? You don’t really want it. You just want it because I have it…”

E: Do you have any writing rituals/things you have to have near you when you write?
Z: I have a stone called SELENITE. I’m not always superstitious. I have one piece that I carry with me often.

Paper reads: SELENITE: Highly protective stone. Clears dissension from body.
Stone of writers, artists, and healers. ELEMENT: Storm. CHAKRAS: All.

E: When drafting do you write on paper, a computer, or both?
Z: For drafting outlines I use index cards. I like writing on paper for as long as I can. When my thoughts start getting too fast, I switch to my laptop.

E: Name a book (not one of yours) that you love so much you just want to throw it upon everyone you meet. Why?
Z: My most recent book crush is Drink Slay Love by Sarah Beth Durst. It is original, funny, and has fantastic characterization.

E: We’re all about tea here, so I must include a tea related Q. If you were to be a tea, what kind would you be? (Earl Gray, Ginger Peach, Chocolate Mint, to name a few)
Z: I suppose I would be the tea I drink the most–> Chamomile lemon because sleep is my favorite.

Thank you for stopping by, Zoraida!

Don’t forget to pick up The Savage Blue at a bookstore near you!

Title: The Savage Blue
Series: The Vicious Deep #2
Author: Zoraida Cordova
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release Date: May 7, 2013
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Buy: Barnes & Noble | Amazon | The Book Depository | IndieBound

A storm is coming…

The ocean is a vicious place. Deeper and darker than Tristan could have imagined. Beneath its calm blue surface, an ancient battle is churning —and no one is safe.

In the quest for the Sea Throne, Tristan has already watched one good friend die. Now he must lead the rest on a dangerous voyage in search of the trident that will make him king. But while Tristan chases his destiny, the dark forces racing against him are getting stronger, and the sea witch of his nightmares is getting closer.

Battling sea dragons and savage creatures of the deep, Tristan needs his friends’ support. But they each have their secrets, and a betrayal will force Tristan to choose between his crown and his best friend Layla — the only girl he’s ever loved.


Here’s the giveaway details, straight from Zoraida’s blog:

I’ve been thinking about what to give away to you, dear readers. After all, you make this book awesomeness happen by simply buying and reading our books. So here’s the thing. Pre-order THE SAVAGE BLUE, and you’re entered to win one of different prize packs. Each one is unique. See here my handmade charm bookmarks featuring the king’s crown and the infamous venus pearl. See here a photo of my original take on Nieve, the sea witch with a snippet of The Savage Blue, handwritten by yours truly. See here some Coney Island swag. That’s what Coney Island mermaids look like during the parade, BTW. FUN TIMES!

Also, save your pre-order receipt! You’ll need it to claim your prize.

UPDATE! If you get your copy of THE SAVAGE BLUE between May 7th and the 14th, you can still enter! Save your receipt to claim your prize! 

Open internationally.
Sample of le prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway//
—Tea for Three Team


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