This is the End (AKA Gallagher Girls Read-a-thon)

I found the last Gallagher Girls book, United We Spy, at Barnes & Noble yesterday (a few days early, it officially releases Tuesday), and I was flipping through and caught the dedication:

And I realized that this was it. This was the end. I mean, I’d always known Untied We Spy was the last book, but I guess it never really hit before that it was the last book. There would be no more. Gosh, just writing this is making me all emotional. Anyway, I have yet to read book 5, Out of Sight, Out of Time, so I thought I would start from the beginning and re-read the series. Books as You Know It hosted a GG read-a-thon a month-ish ago, so this is just for me, but if you would like to join me, great! Leave a comment.
I’m traveling right now, and therefore without my books, so I’ll start read-a-thoning Wednesday (possibly Thursday, I’m not quite sure when I’ll arrive home). Updates will be posted here periodically as I get through the series, and I’ll have reviews for each book too, though those may not be posted ’til I completely finish the series. I’m not going to set a deadline for myself, and I may read 1 or 2 other books in-between GG books, all depends on if I’m in the series-binge mood.
See you soon!

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