Rating System Changes

Hey guys! So we took a short little hiatus after Vamp Week so we could get ourselves prepared for our fresh start. (Also, I was traveling almost the whole time, and it was easier to just wait.) To start off this new beginning, we changed our rating system—from 0-2 lumps of sugar to 1-5 sugar cubes. The old system made it hard to promote good reviews, and we often ended up using decimals in our ratings (essentially having a 5 lump system), so this just made sense. The new systems is as follows:

5 Sugar Cubes – This book was amazing!
4 Sugar Cubes – This book was great!
3 Sugar Cubes – This book was good.
2 Sugar Cubes – This book was okay.
1 Sugar Cube – This book was terrible, and/or not my cup of tea.

(All of our past reviews will be updated with the change in the next day or two.)

We also (finally) have a review policy up, which you can view here if you wish. And tomorrow we’ll debut the slightly revamped Tuesday Tea Break.

See you then!


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