Jen McConnel’s Month of Magic Teasers (part 1)

Hey all! How’s your October going? Us T3ers are having a fantastic month! As some of you may know, I’m a part of Jen McConnel’s #Witcherific street team. Well, throughout the month of October, Jen is having a Month of Magic event, where she shares quotes from her books (which are fittingly witchy), and even has a weekly giveaway for a copy of one of those witchy books of hers (you can enter this week’s giveaway HERE). So I decide to round up the quotes thus far, and share them with you lovelies! I’ll be sharing the remaining quotes at the end of the month (I have to wait for Jen to post them first!).

All the quotes are linked back to Jen’s original post, and I typed out the teaser below if you have trouble viewing the image.

Day 1Daughter of Chaos

Someone was in the living room with me. There was a hunched figure standing in front of the window. Sucking in my breath, I opened the box and struck a match along the side. The smell of sulfur filled the room, and my eyes widened as I stared at the figure before me.

Day 2The Secret of Isobel Key

The sound carried from the village green, through the streets and narrow wynds, penetrating the windows and doors shut tight against the execution. No one who heard that sound could reconcile it with the once melodious voice of the burning woman.

Day 3Her Secret Inheritance

“Nothin’ will be like last time because you know what? This isn’t last time. You are not here for a fling with your friend.” Stunned, Lou could only stare at him for a minute. 

As he whirled to leave the room, she whispered, “I hoped that some things wouldn’t have changed.”

Day 4Daughter of Chaos

Slowly, I raised my eyes, sweeping my gaze up her inky black roes that shimmered like water, past the blood-red stone dangling from her throat, and up to her golden eyes. They weren’t human, but from what I remembered of the myths we studied at school, Hecate had never valued humanity. Her eyes were the eyes of a night predator, an owl or fox, and they held me spellbound.

Day 5 – Goddess Spells for Busy Girls

Working with Aphrodite is like dancing over fire: potentially dangerous, but insanely powerful. If your love life needs a jolt, she’s your girl. Whenever you feel the mundane world getting under your skin, let Aphrodite remind you that you, too, are a goddess.

Day 6 – The Secret of Isobel Key

She stood to leave, but glanced once more at Lou. “Don’t worry, child. They do not burn witches any longer.” She glided away and Lou shivered in her seat, feeling ice on her spine. 

Day 7 – Her Secret Inheritance

No one could have guessed that the old house was haunted. The unexpected drafts, the doors left inexplicably open, the missing silver candlesticks from the den; these were all easily explained away. The wind had always been sharp in St. Andrews, sharp enough to trick unlatched doors into swaying in the breeze, and as for the silver, well, it was likely that someone along the generations had simply misplaced them, that was all. But no ghost can remain buried forever.

Day 8 – Daughter of Chaos

Most of my classmates already knew which of the three branches of magic they were called to, but I kept getting confused. I never seemed to test high in any of the three areas, and for a Blood Witch to be sixteen and still without a path was shameful. No one had said anything, of course, not outright, but I felt my parents’ growing frustration that I hadn’t decided yet. At the same time, no one had said what would happen if I didn’t choose a path, so I had delayed, waiting for something to take the decision out of my hands. 

Day 9 – The Secret of Isobel Key

Isobel didn’t know why her mother was doubling her education, but she soaked up every word Mary Key uttered. Her eager mind committed the spells to memory as her pen committed them to the page. Mary Key had no way of knowing that she and her daughter were compiling something which would have looked suspiciously like a witch’s grimoire to any zealot or magistrate.

Day 10 – Her Secret Inheritance

He paused and lowered his voice. “Ghosts are not very happy creatures, ye realize, and they tend to dwell on their worst living memories.”

Day 11Goddess Spells for Busy Girls

Sekhmet is a good reminder that even the most kind and quiet woman has the strength of a lioness within her. This goddess may not burst forth very often, but when she makes her presence known, the world trembles.

Day 12 – Daughter of Chaos

He took a deep breath and went on, “You know that Whites and Greens can intermarry.” He paused as he glanced for the first time at Rochelle. “But a Black is forbidden from marrying at all. I just wanted you to think about that before you make your own choice.” His final words came out in a rush, and I exhaled quickly. My heart spun through my body like a yo-yo, and I struggled to keep my face blank.

Day 13 – The Secret of Isobel Key

There were hundreds, no, thousands of old judicial records, written in scrawling script on broken paper, the faded ink making it awfully hard to decipher any of the information they found. Lou wasn’t even sure exactly what information she was looking for, but Brian’s words about her having the chance to tell the stories of some of the women and men echoed in her mind as they worked. Wouldn’t it be amazing to do something that really mattered?

Day 14Her Secret Inheritance

“You and your magic spells, your dreams, your intuition. I thought you were just a bit strange, a bit sensitive maybe. But now you’re standing here talking to me about ghosts.”

Lou took a step forward and put her hands on her hips. “You listened to me about those dreams. You helped me with the ritual.”

“Because I was in love with you! I would have done anything for you.”

Day 15Daughter of Chaos

Red magic. What in the world was that? I’d never heard of anything but Green, White, and Black. They were the balanced triad of crafts taught at my school, Trinity. Did Red magic even exist?

Day 16Goddess Spells for Busy Girls

Death does not wait for Changing Woman. When she’s reached her crone stage, this goddess simply walks into the east until she meets her younger self. When her old self and her young self meet, the two merge, leaving Changing Woman renewed and invigorated. She walks home, suddenly young, and starts her journey all over again.

If any of those quotes interested you, here are some Goodreads links:

The Secret of Isobel Key (Isobel Key #1) | Her Secret Inheritance (Isobel Key #2)

What do you guys think? Quite fitting quotes for Halloween, no?


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