Thursday Tea Break: Issue 8

Thursday Tea Break Header

Welcome to this week’s installment of Thursday Tea Break!

This is a fun, weekly series covering our get-togethers, what we are up to that week, and what books we are excited to get our hands on.

Tea of the Week

This week we tried Irish Breakfast from Octavia Tea Company.

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Irish Breakfast is a black tea with a bold flavor and gorgeous dark red color as it steeps. It has a smooth body and is a great wake up tea, hence the ‘Breakfast’.

Current Reads

Erin is reading A Tyranny of Petticoats edited by Jessica Spotswood

Lisa is reading Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson and Heart of Fire by Linda Howard.

Amanda is reading Captivated & Entranced (The Donovan Legacy #1 & #2) by Nora Roberts, Untamed by Victoria Green & Jen Meyers, and re-reading Dance Upon the Air (Three Sister Island #1) by Nora Roberts.

Tea Reading

This week we thought it would be fun to give reading tea leaves a try. Lisa picked up this charming little tea cup in Salem during her honeymoon and had used it herself, but had never had a chance to try it with anyone else.

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The booklet that came with the set lacked clear directions on how much tea to put in the cup and so forth, but through trial and error we managed to figure it out.

Once the tea is steeped and drank down to a mere teaspoon (give or take) of liquid left in in the bottom of the cup, the ‘inquirer’ is to take the cup in their right hand, swirl the tea three times counter-clockwise and upend the cup on the saucer allowing it a few moments to drain.

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The symbols around the inside of the cup each have different meanings depending on the amount of tea leaves present on each one and the distance from the rim of the cup. Closer to the rim means it is happening soon, or has happened and the further down means it will happen later.

On the bottom of the cup are planetary symbols for the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn each with two different means depending on the thickness of the leaves covering them. The ship in the middle is the Ship of Hope and means, with patients, you can always sail into smoother waters.

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

Once you have read the cup, you move onto the saucer. The inquirer places the cup back on the saucer, right-side up, and then their corresponding astrological symbol is matched with the planetary symbol furthest away from it.

For example, I (Amanda) am a Taurus. When I set the cup down the symbol furthest away was the moon. This symbol tells the trait overshadowing the current reading in relation the traits given by the astrological sign. It was pretty interesting to see what the leaves had to say, over all we came to the conclusion that we were all going to suffer, but we’d be happy about it.


There were a few translations that were pretty spot on for each of us, but that was the overall feel of the reading.

Song of the Week

Erin has a bit of on obsession with K-Pop, and wants to spread that obsession wherever she can. Which means—tada! Weekly song recommendations you didn’t ask for!

Day6 is back! With a fresh Rock sound, this band quickly became one of my favorite groups when they debuted last year, and their new EP is just as amazing as the first. Check out the music video for “Letting Go” below (and definitely don’t turn on CC unless you want to cry).

(The band isn’t on Spotify, but look them up on iTunes! You won’t regret it.)

Waiting On Books

Erin is excited for Dreamology by Lucy Keating, out April 12.

Lisa is looking forward to getting The Obsession by Nora Roberts, out April 12.

Amanda can’t wait to get A Fierce And Subtle Poison by Samantha Mabry out April 12.

Have you ever tried reading tea leaves or are there any books coming out that you’re also excited about? Let us know below!



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